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“All is well while you are healthy” is a common saying that emphasizes the importance of health. It is interesting that due to the ever-faster pace of life and the growing number of obligations, people are not only getting sick more often, but they are also taking less and less time for themselves. Not until the red light turns on, people realize that they need to change their habits in order to become healthy again. At that moment, they start discovering places like the Croatian Zagorje. There they find themselves, enjoy every moment and get filled with energy. Croatian Zagorje, as one might say, heals the soul.

Zagorje is one of those places that fascinate you at first glance. It is enough to stop at one of its hills, look around and see the picturesque green hills adorned with medieval castles, “hiže” (countryside houses) with vineyards and winding wine roads. However, this is only one part of what Zagorje has to offer, because as you go into further exploring you will realize that these hills are hiding much more things to experience and live through and that – besides the rich history and nature – the green Zagorje “bregi” (hills)  have a powerful impact on your health. Both on your soul and body.

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Zagorje - health in the palm of your hand

Quality health service with excellent gastronomic and tourist offers

When one mentions rehabilitation, the first thing many think of  – monotony. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Going to rehab is not only a stay at a quality health resort, but also learning about the local customs. Staying at the spa is not only a workout in the pool, but also a tour of the surrounding natural and historical beauties. Health tourism in the Croatian Zagorje is the perfect experience of a professional and quality health service with exceptional gastronomic and tourist offer. And you’re never bored.

Tourism is not just beaches, sea and ice creams. Lying on deck chairs and tanning. Today’s tourists are interested in much more than a just a vacation. They want to see and experience a lot more, discover new places, hear new stories and legends and try local specialties. They want to combine the practicality with pleasure – to rest and fully regenerate, to heal the soreness they cannot get rid of completely due to work and finally, to return home – healthier than they were. In this context, the Croatian Zagorje seems like a perfect destination for great vacation.

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